In the last 14 months, and a day or two, I've lost 122 pounds. And counting. This blog is an attempt to answer the almost daily question: How Did You Do That?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Whoa. A blog? Me?

Well, that was a little scary. I clicked on "create a blog", and then I did it.

So many people have said to me recently, "How did you do that?". What they are referring to is my 116 pound weight loss in the past year. I've considered starting a blog to answer the question: "How did you do that?" I guess, with those few clicks, I've started my blog!

I've become an expert in this experience: I see somebody I've not seen in a few months, their eyes travel from my face down to my hips, then slowly back up again not believing what they assume they've just seen. What they've just seen is me minus 116 pounds. And you know what? It's fantastic!

I love it! Whereas in the past I would avoid family dinners, reunions and so forth, now I look forward to them. I absolutely love getting that "once over slowly" look.

Okay, the blog is started. I hope to keep this thing going. Please pass it on if my story can help anyone. Thanks!


  1. This is great, Ange. You should link from facebook and Spark People to this blog. I'm just learning how to do it myself, and I'm still screwing it up. But, there are various ways to direct people from wherever you post back to this. Lots of blogs have a place to link your website from your comment. Also, I think it's a good idea to purchase a domain name and publish this blog under that. I like howdidyoudothat.com. Blogger can sell you a domain name for ten bucks. Ten bucks. It's under the publishing tab in settings. Well, maybe you know lots of this stuff already. I'm just saying you have an excellent idea here. There are lots of fitness blogs out there, but most of them SUUUUK. Sorry. You have such an edge. And they're all niched. My fitness website that I'm launching in the fall will be based on fight training. Not even karate. A sort of kick boxing of my own that I haven't seen anywhere else yet. Anyway. This is an excellent topic for a blog that can drive traffic. Why give Spark People all your time? Or facebook for that matter. They're not paying you. This could be profitable in a couple of years if you really love it.

  2. Also, keep open to the idea of creating a website that would have more long-term content. You will find that blog material fades away fast and you have to keep cranking out new. But if you love it enough, you will create content that should get its own permanent page and stuff. There are good hosts out there for thirty bucks a month. A good website with a good webmaster (YOU) will make a hundred times that in income if you love it and stick with it. Just something to consider. A blog is a good place to start, though.

  3. Thanks, Fred. This sort of just happened last night, and since I put this up, I've been thinking of a lot more things. I'd love to write about far more than just losing weight, though that is a big deal. (Sorry about the pun...) I'm working on a lot of ideas. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Remember you can have lots of blogs. It's very important to niche them. If I were you, I'd blog for a while on the weight loss stuff. You'll teach yourself what works and what doesn't as far as writing. Whenever you feel like it, start a humor blog. You're good at that. I'd definitely have you guest post humor on thefredeffect. I've found it's important not to juggle too much stuff when you're starting out. Just focus on a niche for a while. You can branch out when you're ready. All the successful bloggers say it takes years to develop a topic and make it profitable. They're really saying, "You gotta love it."

  5. Nice blog, I came here from Fred's anyway...keep up the blogging it can be a lot of fun. I run a few of them. :-P

  6. Thanks, Carrie! Glad you dropped by. Fred is a nut. (I didn't do it.) I love him to bits.